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🌊 The Ocean Collection: Where Beauty Meets Nature 🌊

Are you ready to embark on a captivating skincare journey inspired by the enchanting depths of the ocean? Brace yourself for The Ocean Collection, a revolutionary skincare line that brings you the power of agave stem cells, Maui Lava and Coconut Charcoal, Kelp, passion flower, and pure ocean water, all carefully harnessed to unlock your skin's true radiance and vitality.



🌿 Agave Stem Cells: Discover the Fountain of Youth 🌿

Unlock the secrets of agave stem cells, the wondrous elixir that revitalizes your skin like never before! Derived from the hardy agave plant, these potent stem cells work tirelessly to restore skin's youthful appearance, promote cell turnover, and diminish the signs of aging. Say goodbye to fine lines and welcome a newfound glow that will leave everyone mesmerized.

Partner the Succulent Serum, with TapeTox! 


🔥 Maui Lava and Coconut Charcoal: Purify and Soften 🔥

Immerse your skin in the volcanic wonders of Maui Lava and the detoxifying prowess of Coconut Charcoal. Watch impurities, toxins, and excess oils vanish into thin air as these volcanic gems deep clean and refine your skin's texture, leaving it purified, smooth, and irresistibly touchable.


🌿 Kelp: Embrace the Ocean's Nourishment 🌿

Prepare to be nourished by the ocean's bounty as Kelp, the treasure of the sea, showers your skin with vital minerals and nutrients. This natural wonder hydrates, softens, and soothes, ensuring your skin remains resilient and rejuvenated even in the harshest elements. Embrace the ocean's embrace with Kelp, and watch as your skin flourishes with a luminous glow.

💧 Pure Ocean Water: Dive into Hydration 💧Quench your skin's thirst with the purest essence of the ocean itself! Our carefully sourced pure ocean water is packed with minerals that provide deep hydration, restoring your skin's moisture balance and promoting a plump, supple complexion. Let your skin drink in the ocean's pure life force and experience the ultimate glow like never before.



🌺 Passion Flower: Unleash the Power of Serenity 🌺

Unwind and escape the stress of everyday life with the calming essence of Passion Flower. This delicate flower's rich antioxidants protect your skin from environmental stressors, while its soothing properties leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Prepare to indulge in a moment of tranquility and let your skin bask in the sweet embrace of serenity. 

Noni, nourishes the skin with vitamins and antioxidants, promoting a radiant glow. Tamanu, calms inflammation and aids in healing, just like the ocean's gentle touch on the shore. Kukui, delivers essential fatty acids, keeping the skin supple and moisturized like the ocean's waves. Lastly, macadamia, the treasure trove of nutrients, protects and rejuvenates, like the ocean's eternal embrace. Together, these sea-inspired ingredients create a luxurious cream.



🐚  a harmonious blend of nature's finest elements. 🐚 

 Experience the transformative power of papaya as it works its magic on your skin, revealing a tighter bum ready for the beach!

Organic ginger stimulates circulation, and cinnamon enhances the plumping effects, making your bum appear fuller and more voluptuous. 

With ancient Dead Sea minerals, this gelee provides deep nourishment,  with MSM, which encourages collagen production, helping to firm and tone your bum! 

Embrace the ocean's bounty and let the beauty of nature elevate your bum to new heights with a tight feeling after the Geleé dries!

*Set also includes TapeTox


*we do not accept order cancellations

1. **Agave Stem Cell Extract**: Derived from the resilient agave plant, these stem cells are a powerhouse of revitalization. They promote cell turnover, helping to reduce the signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. This extract restores skin's youthful appearance, leaving it glowing and rejuvenated.

2. **Organic Aloe Vera**: Aloe vera is known for its soothing and hydrating properties. It calms irritated skin, provides intense moisture, and helps alleviate redness and inflammation.

3. **MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)**: MSM is a sulfur compound known for its skin-healing properties. It can assist in maintaining healthy skin by promoting collagen production and reducing inflammation.

4. **Organic Jojoba Oil**: Jojoba oil closely resembles the skin's natural sebum. It moisturizes without clogging pores, making it suitable for all skin types. It also helps balance oil production.

5. **Honey**: Honey is a natural humectant, which means it attracts and retains moisture in the skin. It provides hydration and nourishment, leaving the skin soft and supple.

6. **Bamboo Extract**: Bamboo extract contains silica, which supports collagen production and helps improve skin elasticity. It contributes to a more youthful and firm complexion.

7. **Royal Jelly Extract**: Royal jelly is rich in vitamins and minerals. It can enhance skin texture and provide nourishment, promoting a smoother and healthier appearance.

8. **Propolis Extract**: Propolis has natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It can help soothe skin irritation and protect against environmental stressors.

9. **Organic Gotu Kola Extract**: Gotu kola is known for its wound-healing and anti-aging properties. It can boost collagen synthesis, improving skin firmness and reducing the appearance of scars.

10. **Melissa Extract**: Melissa extract has calming and soothing properties, making it suitable for sensitive or irritated skin. It can help reduce redness and inflammation.

11. **Organic Green Tea**: Green tea is rich in antioxidants, which protect the skin from free radical damage. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and can promote a more even skin tone.

12. **Horsetail Plant Extract**: Horsetail extract contains silica and antioxidants, which can help improve skin texture and maintain its elasticity. It's often used to support skin health.

13. **Wild Geranium Extract**: Wild geranium extract has astringent properties, which can help tighten and tone the skin. It's beneficial for promoting a smoother complexion.

14. **Organic Dandelion**: Dandelion extract is known for its detoxifying properties. It can help purify the skin and reduce the appearance of blemishes.

100% natural essential oil fragrance

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The Ocean Collection *pre-order*




What is Gua Sha?

Originally a body treatment used in Chinese medicine, Gua Sha has since been modernized to be used in at home facial therapies. Gua Sha is a method that promotes lymphatic drainage, which helps to eliminate bloating caused by interstitial fluid (fluid trapped under your skin that needs to be released to your lymph system).

What are the benefits of Gua Sha?

Some of the benefits:

Can calm the nervous system, Sculpts facial muscles, Releases tightness, Stimulates circulation, Helps produce collagen, Softens fine lines and wrinkles, Decreases puffiness, Decreases inflammation, Diminishes dark circles, Temporarily tightens skin, Brightens complexion, Promotes relaxation

What is the difference with the Aurora Stone and other Gua Sha's?

Gua Sha tools that are made from stone or crystal are porous making them a breeding ground for bacteria. which ends up on your face creating skin issues. The Aurora “stone” is a patent pending technology composed of non porous materials that do not allow bacteria to sit inside like regular Gua Sha's.

The Aurora Stone has a patented color changing technology unlike any other skincare tool in the world.

As your peripheral body temperature increases with the Gua Sha massage the “stone” starts to change color so you know your face/body is starting to get blood flow in those areas. 

Why do you not use natural stones?

At Skin Supervision we have decided to take a stand against promoting natural crystal/stone skincare tools. Mining has a tremendous environmental impact. Stones and crystals are mined in places like Myanmar and the Democratic Republic of Congo where mineral extraction is linked to severe human-rights violations and environmental harm. 

It is impossible to know for sure if your crystal was obtained via an environmental and human rights horror show.

In the DRC, seven-year-old children work in mines. They have to search where covetable stones such as citrine and smoky quartz abound. These are then purchased for skincare tools and other uses. 

Crystals are found on every continent, but it’s difficult to find a crystal seller who will specify the origins of individual stones and even harder to find one willing to talk honestly about the effects of mining. There’s no governing body requiring they do so, no regulator for an industry mired in exploitation and secrecy.


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