Why we chose not to use natural stones and crystals in our skincare tools

At Skin Supervision we have decided to take a stand against promoting natural crystal/stone skincare tools. Mining has a tremendous environmental impact. Stones and crystals are mined in places like Myanmar and the Democratic Republic of Congo where mineral extraction is linked to severe human-rights violations and environmental harm. Amongst the workers at the crystal and stone mines are children as young as four, and adults including pregnant women. 

As a mother, learning that In the DRC, children as young as four work in the mines broke my heart. They have to search where covetable stones such as citrine and smoky quartz abound. These are then purchased for many uses including skincare tools.

It is impossible to know for sure if your crystal was obtained via an environmental and human rights horror show. 

Crystals are found on every continent, but it’s difficult to find a crystal seller who will specify the origins of individual stones and even harder to find one willing to talk honestly about the effects of mining. There’s no governing body requiring they do so, no regulator for an industry mired in exploitation and secrecy.

At Skin Supervision we do not agree with this trade and have decided to not only stay away from it, but create an alternative that is more advanced. 

The Aurora “Stone” is a patent pending technology composed of organic, rod-shaped molecules (not formed from a stone or crystal) that is sustainable.

The stone is not porous like mined stones and crystals which can be a breeding ground for bacteria that ends up on your face.


Find out more about the harm this mining is doing here:







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